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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

If you like: fantasy * brilliant minds * mysterious identities

The Name of the Wind is the first part of the story of Kvothe, the main character and narrator of the story. It moves between past and present, initially starting in the present and moving to the past as Kvothe tells his life story. The Name of the Wind has a little bit of everything: mysterious ancient beings, a quick-witted and talented main character, a world filled with magic and supernatural elements. These elements fit together cohesively and assemble a fascinating world. A word of caution: there is no release date set for the third book of the series, so if you prefer to read a series straight through you may want to put this one to the side for a year or two.

Although the story of Kvothe’s history is intriguing, I found myself wishing the story had a little bit more of the present. When a book begins with the leading wave of an army of robotic spiders with razor legs, it is disappointing when they don’t make a reappearance. I am sure they will be revisited as the series progresses, but my curiosity about the present day events distracted me from the story of the past.

Kvothe is an individual of peerless intellect and skill. At times his arrogance can be frustrating, but his heart and drive fully redeem him. I would not necessarily call him likeable, but his charms and creativity are alluring.

If you are looking for a series with rich details and innumerable twists and turns, pick up The Name of the Wind.

Rothfuss, Patrick. The Name of the Wind. New York: Daw Books, 2007. Kindle edition.

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