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Thursday, May 31, 2012

1Q84 by Haruki Murakami

If you like: sci-fi * love * conspiracies

In 1Q84, Aomame inadvertently crosses over into a parallel universe, and becomes involved in a vast conspiracy shielding the Little People from public knowledge. At the same time, her would-be childhood love, Tengo, is separately involved with the conspiracy of the Little People when he helps to rewrite a novel that becomes an instant bestseller and exposes the truth about them and their origins. Each action brings them together, and their histories reveal the intricate path that has led them to this point.

In a parallel universe like 1Q84, anything can happen. This allows the story to head any direction without seeming preposterous. The way in which the story slowly brings together the connection between Aomame and Tengo is fascinating. In book one, they seem like utter strangers; in book two, their shared past comes out; in book three, their essential role as a couple is revealed. The depth of every character is extensive, and their intricate stories make 1Q84 into an intricately woven web that requires every word in order to be complete. The choices that each character makes have great impact on those around them, even those they aren’t aware of. Under normal circumstances the extent of this would seem implausible, but in the world of 1Q84 it is perfectly logical.

Everything in 1Q84 is significant. Murakami manages to build a limitless depth to this world, without making the prose seem stifling or obtuse. The vivid imagery seems to glow at times. As the details come together from each overlapping event, the reader feels a sense of pride in anticipating how the story will come together. The text is full of breadcrumbs for the reader to follow. 1Q84 is absolutely worth investing time to read. The layers of mythology that build together in the creation of 1Q84 will leave your mind open to endless possibilities.

If something illusory has changed in the world around you, read 1Q84.

Murakami, Haruki. 1Q84. New York: Random House, Inc., 2011. Kindle Edition.

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