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Thursday, January 10, 2013

13 Bullets by David Wellington

If you like: vampires * cops * psychics

In 13 Bullets, Laura Caxton is thrust out of her world as a state trooper and into the world of vampire hunter when she discovers a vampire half-dead during a routine traffic checkpoint. When half-deads follow her home, she becomes veteran vampire hunter and US Marshall Jameson Arkeley’s first choice for a partner during his investigation. As they come closer to finding the group of vampires it is revealed that the vampires intend much more than death for the investigators.

The structure of vampire society is varied from the more common portrayals. As in other lore, there are elders that are much more powerful than fresh vampires. Though they are stronger, they require significantly more blood to sustain their power, or else show their true age. Below the elders rank the more traditional vampires, and below them the half-deads, a breed of vampire slaves that share the curse but not the same level of vampiric abilities. Since the vampires are only powerful when sustained on increasing amounts of blood, they are less intimidating. Additionally, these vampires must regenerate while they sleep -- entering a state of decomposition during which they are completely vulnerable. Though they do not leave themselves completely defenseless, having such a large window of weakness significantly reduces their threat.

13 Bullets raises many questions about what vampires are really preying on. Though they need to drink blood, they thrive on manipulation. They lure in people who feel isolated and abandoned with a new kind of family and unimaginable power. Why does immortality appeal to those who do not enjoy their life? They seek the type of influence that they do not have the willpower to achieve on their own. Additionally, the constant call of the vampires can break down their hesitation, and, given enough time, turn all of their arguments upside down. The vampires prey on the perceptions of depressed and lonely individuals. Their hypnotism leads the individuals to believe they want to chose the undead life. These vampires don’t just harvest blood, but also a person’s very will to live.

If there is something calling you to come into the dark, read 13 Bullets.

Wellington, David. 13 Bullets. Three Rivers Press, 2007. Kindle edition.

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