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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Frozen Heat by Richard Castle

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Frozen Heat is the fourth in the series of companion books to ABC's Castle. Nikki Heat investigates her mother’s murder as a present day case provides a direct link to her past. Nothing is a coincidence, and danger lurks at every turn. In spite of the emotional toll this takes on Heat, her companions bring the brevity that any Castle fan is looking for.

In line with its predecessors, Frozen Heat presents a parallel story to the show. There are enough differences and nuances to keep fans of the show interested, and it is suitable to be read alone. The Heat series never takes itself too seriously, but is also willing to face the darker aspects of its characters. Reading Frozen Heat is almost a pop culture quiz at times -- bonus points go to the reader who catches the most Firefly references. Though this can seem unnecessary at times, it does not feel overly forced. The story keeps a fast pace, and includes plenty of twists, which will keep the reader engaged as the murder of Beckett’s mother is solved for the second time.

Previously, the Heat series provided “Caskett”-shippers with a chance to see the romance without the show having to break the ever present will-they-won’t-they tension. Now that the show has broken this barrier, it raises questions about just now necessary it is for the book series to overlap. Smartly, Frozen Heat delves deeper into their relationship, and provides the contemplation and discussion that fans will lust after. Though Castle and Beckett have always had an undeniable bond of friendship, the nature of the written word enables much further exploration than a TV show has the capacity to provide.

If homicide is your idea of a good time, read Frozen Heat.

Castle, Richard. Frozen Heat. Hyperion Kindle Edition.

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