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Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Second Ship by Richard Phillips

If you like: aliens * cover-ups * high school

In The Second Ship, it is revealed that an alien ship has crash landed and is being harvested for technological advancements. Unknown to the government, there is a second ship that a group of three teens accidentally discovers. This ship appears to have been made by a different creator, and contains dire warnings about the purpose of the original ship. As the teens interact with the ship, they develop enhanced cognitive and physical skills, and work to warn the government about the dangers of the group involved with the original ship. The conspiracies on each side reach to the highest levels of government, and the the powers of each ship have a far reach in the minds of those who encounter them.

Aware of the potential consequences of sudden alien powers, the teens in The Second Ship are careful about the use of their new skills. Unlike so many other stories, they do not have any incidents where their abilities unexpectedly harm others. They are careful in the development and fine tuning of their skills. There are no outlandish experiments with what they can do. Instead their story is one of fascinating scientific explorations. They react with equal parts caution and wonder to the changes they are undergoing. Though their ready acceptance of the ship and everything it encompasses seems a bit naive at times, it does not overly distract from the story. They do remain grounded in their family lives, and have enough respect for their community to not allow their egos to be detrimental.

The implications of the two ships are far reaching. Not only are we not alone, but they are not alone either. The visitors are both protective and destructive. These extraterrestrial travelers have very terrestrial concepts of good and evil. The motivations of those behind the original ship remain largely a mystery. There is no obvious gain to destroying other worlds, but that does not make them less nefarious. The creators of the second ship are much more intriguing. How have they been impacted by this destruction? Their motivation is also largely an enigma. Whether or not they seek to aid Earth because they are a benevolent people, or because defeating the others serves them personally remains to be seen. Trusting either force entirely seems foolish. Considering these ships and what they mean leaves the reader with far more questions than answers, but does not lessen the enjoyment in any way.

If you would walk through a door without knowing what waits on the other side, read The Second Ship.

Phillips, Richard (2012-10-02). The Second Ship. AmazonEncore, 2012. Kindle Edition.

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