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Friday, September 19, 2014

The Girl at the End of the World Collected by Adele Wearing

If you like: fantasy * post-apocalyptic * the unexpected

The Girl at the End of the World is an collection of short stories featuring strong female characters encountering world changing events. With each new story comes a new leading lady, and a change of pace. For each, the end of the world means something different. For some it is a true apocalyptic scenario. For others, it is the end of life as they have always known it. Each must fight in her own way to go on, and face whatever obstacle she has found.

The girls and women featured in this collection come from different backgrounds, times, and circumstances. They are magical, powerful, or royal. They are leaders and protectors. They may be disfigured or disadvantaged. They are high school students; they are adults. These women survive in different ways, as well. Some are brave. Some utilize their intelligence. Some have a bit of luck on their side. Others are cunning and observant. Their diversity does not preclude them from having common traits. They are survivors. They take care of themselves. They are willing to do what they must, but often prefer to do no harm unless forced. Though each reaches her limit at a different time, none shy away from doing what is necessary. The women in these stories will stay with you. These characters have the depth that gives them the gravitas to carry a story and whole world, in just a few pages. Many will leave you with a whole new definition for bad-ass.

Each narrative also has a different end of the world. Sometimes, it is just the end of normalcy. In other cases it is a widespread plague or loss of life. Other times, it is murder, or imminent danger. There are transcendent events that end the world as it existed before. There are also invasions, both terrestrial and otherworldly. There are infinite ways to get there, but the result is strong women making the decisions they need to make to survive. Some care only about their own survival, and others are more protective. No matter, they are all alone when they make their choices. Some even choose to make a sacrifice, and live on in spirit if not in body. In some cases, the end of the world is the beginning of a new world, and not always for the worse. Whatever the cause and circumstance, these girls are the ones you want by your side when the end comes.

If you think the Bechdel Test shouldn't be hard to pass, read The Girl at the End of the World: Book 1.

Collected by Adele Wearing. The Girl at the End of the World: Book 1. Fox Spirit, 2014. Review copy provided by Fox Spirit.

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